JAMBO SMS Overview

Our Bulk SMS system ensures that you can reach your customers
instantly with a quick and simple integration. Not only can you send
relevant, targeted messages with only one API request, but also to a
particular group. Brand your messages with your company or service name
by using sender ID. After sending, you are notified of the delivery.

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Product launch SMS.

Keeping your esteemed clients in check on what is going on in your company is important. Our system will help you notify your customers whenever you launch a new product. This creates awareness on what is going on in your company.

Send promotional SMS

Our system gives you a platform to send notifications for the promotions you have for your products. You are able to bring more customers on board once you create more awareness via SMS.

Targeted SMS marketing

Your business products has a sole target for a particular group of people. Our Bulk SMS system is giving you the option of reaching your target market. The system gives you a platform to categorize your contacts in specific groups thus sending a marketing SMS to a particular group is easier.

SMS greetings.

It is worth it to break the ice and wish you esteemed customers season greetings. It will create a rapport and a safe haven towards you which promotes your customers from just being customers to being loyal customers.

Send announcement SMS

A matter may be of urgency and you need your notification to reach your esteemed customers or employees as soon as possible. Response to emails may not bring positive results as an SMS medium.

Run SMS marketing campaigns

How will customers be aware of your products if you do not market them? To keep your business in the game then marketing is key. Marketing can catapult your business from level 0- 10 in such a short time. Our bulk SMS system comes in handy in your marketing campaigns because in just a click of a button SMS’ can be sent to all your contacts. The system offers the option of sending a ready-made SMS or a customised one as per your desire.

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